Brighenti Harpsichords - Parma - Italy

My work philosophy

Making Dovetails All my instruments are copies of original historical instruments and their design adheres strictly to the originals. I use natural glues exclusively of the kind used during the period in which the instruments were designed. These include hide, bone, fish and casein glues. I believe that following the traditional methods is essential for reproducing, as close as possible, , the sounds of the original instruments.

Planes I only use carefully selected and naturally seasoned timbers of the same kinds as in the original instruments. Every individual part of my instruments is made by craftsmen in my workshop, including jacks, keyboards, registers etc. All surfaces for gluing are prepared and trued with hand planes.

Finishing All visible surfaces are finished with hand planes and scrapers.
My instruments are decorated using techniques and materials similar to the those used on the original instruments, such as linseed oil, beeswax, shellac, natural resins and gums, arabic gum, tempera paints and traditional pigments.

Interview with Marco Brighenti